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Building a Reliable Future In Marine Engineering

Service With Precision


At ANC Equipment and Engineering Pte Ltd, we pride ourselves on delivering expert guidance and forthright evaluations, empowering our clients to make informed and strategic decisions for their projects. Our journey in consultancy commenced in 2016, marking a significant milestone with our inaugural project for the Korean Marine Police.


Our first triumph involved securing the contract for a 22m Korean Coast Guard Patrol Vessel, providing a comprehensive Propulsion Drive System. Our collaboration was a testament to our capability, as we supplied High Speed Diesel Engines, Gearboxes, and Water Jets, working in tandem with the local government's designated shipyard to meet the client's needs.


We meticulously adhered to the stringent design and construction review processes, ensuring our contributions aligned perfectly with the local KST requirements for this state-of-the-art vessel. This project, from its inception to the final handover in 2018 in Korea, was a resounding success, showcasing our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver on complex engineering challenges.


Equipment Packages & Parts Supply

At ANC Equipment and Engineering Pte Ltd, we pride ourselves on delivering expert engineering advice coupled with meticulous project execution, including equipment sourcing and supply.


Our extensive 33-year track record in custom-built and designed Marine Equipment packaging positions us as industry leaders, adept at meeting client requirements promptly and efficiently. Our portfolio spans from Original Engine Parts (CAT, CUMMINS, BAUDOUIN, FP and DEUTZ) to advanced System Controls, and we have a long-standing history of successful customer fulfilments.


Trust us to be your partner in excellence, where your engineering needs are met with precision and professionalism.


Marine Packages & Products


At ANC Equipment and Engineering Pte Ltd, we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke, high-quality engineering solutions. Our expertise was showcased through the provision of custom-designed, lightweight marine generators for the Thailand Navy over the years 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2023. These generators, which were fully designed and constructed in Singapore, were tailored to meet the specific needs of the Thai government. Adhering to Bureau Veritas (BV) standards, our units not only withstood rigorous onboard testing but also surpassed the stringent requirements set by our client. We specialize in crafting tailor-made sets that align precisely with our customers' unique demands, ensuring precision and satisfaction in every project we undertake.

Engineering Is What We Do

ANC in Leading Quality Projects


Who We Are

About Our Company

Established in 2016, ANC Equipment and Engineering Pte Ltd is underpinned by a robust foundation of over 33 years of cumulative engineering expertise, specializing in the Marine, Offshore, and Industrial sectors. Our company prides itself on cultivating a vast network of business partners across local and regional spheres, ensuring that our clients receive swift and efficient solutions tailored to their unique needs. Our seasoned experience and strategic partnerships are the cornerstones of our commitment to excellence, driving us to deliver unparalleled service in the engineering domain.


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